SoC Platform Technology

Our proprietary SoC Canvas, an ARM-based architecture platform provides the customers a high-performance configurable environment for developing and validating a new product or IP. This platform technology includes the SoC Prototyping Platform and the SoC RTL Platform.

SoC Prototyping Platform provides the user, a hardware environment that significantly reduces the effort for developing a product / IP and validating the complete reference system as a proof-of-concept. It also provides a comprehensive system design that addresses the needs of various domains and applications. This platform helps the customers realize their product idea and the reference application system.

SoC RTL Platform provides a cost-efficient total solution from specification to RTL which uses highly integrated pre-built functional blocks, peripherals and standard interfaces, memory subsystem along with ARM processors. This SoC platform fits an application specific system such as video / image processing for set-top box, LCD TV / HDTV display controllers and wireless SoC. This highly configurable SoC platform helps the customer to rapidly build the RTL, thereby reducing the TAT significantly in the overall product development cycle with the best chance of first-time silicon success through our re-usable verification IPs.

The SoC Canvas is tightly integrated into our Concise-DM design methodology environment. Our engineering team can work with your architecture team to rapidly realize the design by customizing the configurations to the requirements of the product.